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Cătălin Gheorghe, curatorial argument


Borderline Art Space, Iași, Romania

20. March - 22. April 2018


The event of a consciousness receptacle is generated by the architecture of the perception of a language code in which the drawing interferes with writing, the color with a digital reference separates from the structural materiality of the texture, and the surfaces contradict themselves through tectonic interlaces.

Gregor Eldarb’s works seem to be intermediary media composed by the unexpected overlapping of singularities generated by the processing of an imaginary-conceptual design with a multitude of analytical intra-faces of an object suspended in contemplation. These intermediary media appear to be projected between the controlled explosion of a suprematist feeling and the territory resulting from its visual scrutiny.

The imaginary spectacle of exploring the interference between the concatenation of geometric forms and the insertion of syntactic ratios of a grammar of allusion to psychoanalytic conversations is only a side effect of a strategy of constructing a discourse on the connection of the function of abstraction, structuring and composition in the techno-graphical spatialization of a the more cerebral sense of painterly.

Constructed from the perspective of visual devices that involve in a hybrid way the evocation of the condition of faktura, the insertion of a spatial calligraphy, the mediation of the aesthetics of the technical drawing, and the immersion in experimental applications of fiction, mapping and modelling, Gregor Eldarb’s works change the speeds of perception in the most unpredictable slopes.

Although, apparently, you may have the impression, somewhat invoked, that you are in front of works at the poly-structured interference between design and painting, between the spatialization and the performativity of forms, between the calibration of references to the writing practice and the constitution of an idiosyncratic geometric vocabulary, the interpretation experiences of the works would involve the opening to a psychological exploration of possible alienation, isolation and captivity in the neural network, or simulated urban space, of spaces qua static natures situated, paradoxically, in a continuous dynamics of multiplication, condensation and expansion of visual anxiety or illumination.

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